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The Best of the Brave and the Bold #5 (DC – Waid / Perez / Wiacek) – DC’s relaunch of one of the best team up books ever keeps coming at you hard! I would have thought the adrenaline would have given up the ghost a few issues into it, but no! The power storytelling legendary duo of Perez and Waid has still got it rocking! The Haruspex(a probability engine based weapon) is still on the loose and messing with our favorite Gotham Guardian… first he is combined with Tharok (a robot) and then shot into the future where he meets up with the Legion of Super Heroes. The interaction between Batman and Brainiac are some of the best I’ve read, Brainy treats Bats like he’s a neanderthal (telling him not be frightened of the “magic-like” technology of the 31st century) and Batman still getting the best of him, giving him and the Legion the slip while stealing Braniac’s flight ring. FANTASTIC! The issue is all fast-paced and filled with great dialogue and crisp art, it would make Samuel L. Jackson proud. The ish ends with the Luck Lords getting the Book of Destiny. Next issue concludes this story arc and involves the Legion, Lobo, Supergirl, Superman, Green Lantern and more.

Issue grade: A

Series grade: A

Silver Surfer: Requiem #1 (Marvel – Straczynski / Ribic) – This is the first of a four part series that focuses in on the “humanness” of the cosmic savior, the Silver Surfer. The Surfer knows something is wrong physically with him, so he goes to see his friend Reed Richards. BTW, this series seems to be out of continuity and has no Civil War, FF movie or World War Hulk tie-ins. Reed validates what the Surfer is feeling and let’s him know that at a cellular level he is dying. Reed describes the Surfer’s cosmic shell as a machine that has finally started to break down and he doesn’t give the Surfer long to be around. This issue also serves as an origin issue for the Surfer, recapping the cosmic hero’s long journey. There is virtually no action, but great drama and well thought out dialogue that is very believable to long term Surfer fan and FF fan. The real gem is the delight of Esad Ribic’s painted art, painting cosmic landscapes to and emotionally wrought Sue Storm and everything between… Ribic nails it. Not being a huge fan of painted artwork, I look forward to Ribic’s work in the future… watch out Alex Ross 🙂

Issue Grade: A- (not a solid A because of the pricetag)


Green Arrow: Year One #1 (DC – Diggle / Jock) – This is the comicbook version of “Smallvilling” Green Arrow. Updating the origin of Ollie, making him easier to relate to for a younger crowd. While that in and of itself is not necessarily bad, doing it in a trite way with absolutely no surprises might be. The story by Andy Diggle isn’t bad, just predictable. the odd angles and fresh perspective of Joc’s art gives an otherwise blah book somewhat of a fresh wind. If you are a hardcore GA fan, odds are you will get the book regardless, otherwise you might want to wait to see if it gets better and then grab the trade if it does (that’s my plan)

Issue Grade: C+

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