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Pullbox Previews Samson #1, now live on Kickstarter because every day is a great day for smashing nazis!

Samson #1- Nazi Smasher! Now live on Kickstarter! Samuel and Solomon Zucker were twins taken to Auschwitz in 1942. Nazi scientists used them as guinea pigs as part of Project Uberfuhrer, their effort to create a super soldier. Instead, they created their greatest enemy – SAMSON! But now, years after the war, Samuel discovers that the […]

Pullbox Reviews: Tokyo Rose- Zero Hour, the story of a young Japanese American who stood her ground during World War II & beyond

Tokyo Rose- Zero Hour Tuttle Publishing Written by Andre Frattino Illustrated by Kate Kasenow Letters by Janice Chiang [Quote] “Hello there you fighting orphans somewhere in that pool of water called the Pacific. This is your playmate, Orphan Ann, taking roll call…” – Orphan Ann, Zero Hour (August 11, 1944) Iva Toguri D’Aquino (July 4th, […]

Pullbox Reviews: Johnny Recruit, coming in the Spring of 2022 from teenage writer Theo Behe & Markosia

Teen writer and comics illustrator team up to create new WW2 comic “Johnny Recruit” Set in wartime Canada, England and Germany in 1941-2, Johnny Recruit is a story about hope, heroics and youthful ambition. When 14-year-old Big Johnny learns his uncle’s been captured by Nazis, he’s sure the only person who can rescue his mentor […]

Pullbox Reviews: White Lily #1 – Welcome to the war… hope you survive the experience.

White Lily #1 digital available from Amazon & ComiXology Red 5 Comics Preston Poulter (Writer) Lovalle Davis (Illustrator) Walden Wong (Inks) Diana Greenhaight (Inks) Alonson Espinosa (Colors) Jack Nolan (Editor) Welcome to the War!From creator Preston Poulter comes this series of comics showcasing the real life story of the two highest scoring female combat pilots in history. The series will […]

Pullbox Reviews Midnight Men- Golden Age, Nazi punching, mystery men (and women) action!

Midnight Men Fresh Monkey Fiction Created by Bill Murphy & Sean Rourke Written by Sean Rourke Art by Marcelo Borstelmann Edited by Bill Murphy In the early months of 1940, President Roosevelt received a fateful letter delivered to his hand by a time-traveler from the future… a future where the Nazis had won WWII. America […]

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