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Valiant Entertainment partners with Alien Books

Valiant Entertainment has entered into an agreement with international comics publisher Alien Books to continue toexpand Valiant’s publishing capabilities. Alien Books and it’s Director Matias Timarchi have built a strong and unique comic book publishing company with over 25 years of experience publishing in the United States as well as overseas and international markets. The expansion of the Valiant line […]

Shadowman returns to gaming!

Shadowman, the best-selling fan favourite comic series with more than 5 million copies sold, reawakens to explore haunting secrets and voodoo mysticism in Shadowman: Darque Legacy. The all new action-horror game from developer and publisher Blowfish Studios in partnership with renowned comic publisher Valiant Entertainment and their parent company DMG Entertainment will emerge from the darkness on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series […]

Green Ronin Publishing teamed up with Valiant for new update to Mutants & Masterminds

Green Ronin Publishing announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with DMG Entertainment and Valiant Entertainment and will be publishing the Valiant Adventures Roleplaying Game in 2024. The game is based on Green Ronin’s popular and award-winning Mutants & Masterminds RPG. “We have designed RPG material that’s appeared in Valiant comics before, so making a full roleplaying […]

Pullbox Previews: Bloodshot Unleashed #2

BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #2Written by DENIZ CAMPArt by JON DAVIS-HUNTColors by JORDIE BELLAIRELetters by HASSAN OTSMANE-ELHAOUCover A by JON DAVIS-HUNTCover B by NICOLE RIFKINCover C by ALEX GARNERPre-order Cover by DEXTER SOY Bloodshot’s mission to stop rogue super soldiers takes him to Howl, Michigan, where dangerous levels of radiation have seeped into the town. All the evidence points to the now-defunct Lombard Motors plant—and a […]

Pullbox Previews: Book of Shadows #1

BOOK OF SHADOWS #1Written by CULLEN BUNNArt by VICENTE CIFUENTESColors by DAVE FILARDILetters by DAVE SHARPECover A by RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUECover B by ADAM GORHAMCover C by TRAVIS ESCARFULLERYPre-order Cover by KELLEY JOMES Shadowman. Eternal Warrior. Punk Mambo. Doctor Mirage. The supernatural protectors of the Valiant Universe unite for the very first time to stand against a terrifying ancient threat: Exarch Fane. No one […]

Cover Blitz: Bloodshot Unleashed #1

Duty unbound. Power unmatched. BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED.  Valiant Entertainment launches its first-ever Mature Readers title as the iconic action franchise returns in September with BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED. A brutally unflinching examination of who BLOODSHOT is, the action-packed new series BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED is set against a backdrop of violence that echoes his own abuse at the hands of others by pitting him against deadly […]

Pullbox Previews: Archer & Armstrong Forever #3

ARCHER & ARMSTRONG FOREVER #3Written by STEVE FOXEArt by MARCIO FIORITOColors by ALEX GUIMARAESLetters by HASSAN OTSMANE-ELHAOUCover A by BERNARD CHANGCover B by NICK ROBLESPre-order Cover by RO STEIN/TED BRANDT A&A’s quest takes them to the snow-covered mountains of Norway, but whether or not they find the secret to restoring Armstrong’s immortality, they’ll definitely meet Frig — the sensational character find of […]

Old school Mech Armor Goodness is fully functional in Valiant’s Armorclads series!

ARMORCLADS #4Created by JJ O’CONNORWritten by JJ O’CONNOR AND BRIAN BUCCELLATOPencils by MANUEL GARCIAInks by RAÜL FERNÁNDEZColors by JORDIE BELLAIRELetters by DAVE SHARPECover A by BAGUS HUTOMOCover B by JEREMY ROBERTSCover C by BAGUS HUTOMOPre-order Cover by KAEL NGU The only thing standing between the Ironclads and rescuing their kidnapped friend, Peris, is the Citadel, the most heavily-fortified location on Xeru, the army of Armorclads […]

Pullbox Previews: Archer & Armstrong Forever #2

ARCHER & ARMSTRONG FOREVER #2Written by STEVE FOXEArt by MARCIO FIORITOColors by ALEX GUIMARAESLetters by HASSAN OTSMANE-ELHAOUCover A by BERNARD CHANGCover B by CHRIS WILDGOOSEPre-order Cover by RO STEIN/TED BRANDT The triumphant return of Valiant’s best besties! With Armstrong more mortal than ever, it’s up to Archer to find the secrets of immortality. One of history’s myths has to be true…right? Their […]

Ninjak: Superkillers is coming!

A ruthless team of superpowered killers versus the world’s most lethal assassin – who will survive? The all-new explosive limited series NINJAK: SUPERKILLERS is a globetrotting noir tale with deadly consequences for the Valiant Universe. To learn more about the return of NINJAK, don’t miss out on the all-new stories featured in the VALIANT 2022 FREE […]

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