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Pullbox Reviews: Azteq vs the Prowler- Action off the top rope!

Azteq vs the Prowler Lucha Comics Written by Roberto Mercado Art by Kundo Krunch The disappearance of a masked luchador’s ex-girlfriend leads him, and a local police detective, to hunt down a mentally disturbed, deformed kidnapper. ———- A serial killer is on the loose, and Detective Longley of the Fort Worth, Texas Police Department is […]

Pullbox Reviews: Rocket Salvage #1 – Speed doesn’t kill… Alien gangsters and secret weapons do.

Rocket Salvage #01 (BOOM! – Mercado / Machan) WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Primo Rocket used to be the fastest speeder-racer in the galaxy, but after a crash that sealed the fate of his space-station-city home, Rio Rojo, Primo has resigned himself to life as a lowly spaceship salvage yard owner. However, his two “kids”–harvest clone Beta, […]

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