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Pullbox Reviews: It’s 1973 and Abbott’s Back…But So’s the Umbra!

Elena’s been having bad dreams. Ever since she defeated the evil wizard Bellcamp and his plot to deform and enslave the minorities of Detroit last year—serious nightmares leaving her screaming and thrashing in her bed. She hears the shadows, sees the whispers creeping through Detroit in the night. Bellcamp, for all his vile bravado and for all his having ushered the Umbra, that mysterious force of world-consuming darkness into Southeastern Michigan, was small potatoes. (12/13)

Pullbox Reviews: Blue Sun Rising Ushers a New Era of Trouble for the Serenity Crew!

Mal Reynolds is settling in to his new job as sheriff of the entire Georgia space sector in his own inimitable style. Valuing the wide(ish) open sky and the wherewithal to assert his more reasonable brand of frontier justice, the former captain of the smuggling ship Serenity is finding his groove—while his former crew find their own groove in a…less strictly legal capacity. Blue Sun Corp’s engineers, however, have their own ideas…(11/13)

Pullbox Reviews: Backtrack Volume 1 Offers a Rip-Roaring Race Through Time and Space!

Joines’ premise is an intriguing one: a mysterious, seemingly magic-wielding individual approaches various and sundry individuals, all with significant driving skill and all with a life-altering cross to bear, some source of guilt related to a single event that he offers them the chance to relive and remake…provided they win his race. (12/13)

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