Pullbox Previews The Panharmonion Chronicles, Vol1. Times of London, Book 1: Quantum Tangle

Will her story end history?

When Alex Campbell moves from Toronto to London for a new life, she’s being harassed by a shadowy corporation with ancient roots and a malevolent agenda. Her resistance to their violence unleashes a catastrophic chain of events that threatens her own sanity and the survival of our world.

The Panharmonion Chronicles is an original graphic novel created and written by Henry Chebaane. The story is about a multi-cultural female music composer who struggles with a conflicted identity, a traumatic past and repressed supernatural abilities while fighting a violent supremacist cult through Time.

Driven by a strong female character, the multi-layered narrative is a gritty thriller set between 19th and 21st century across England, Scotland, Ontario, Quebec, Ohio and Nova Scotia.

Times of London is Vol.1 in The Panharmonion Chronicles epic alternative history saga, where beside the potential for art and music to bring us together, the story also evokes serious issues about society, patriarchy, race, justice, identity and power structures. 

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