Pullbox Previews- Ghost Machine Goes Hard(cover) This Month!

As summer begins, GHOST MACHINE brings the heat with four explosive releases.

Beginning this week, the long-awaited GEIGER DELUXE EDITION HARDCOVER arrives at your local comic book shop, collecting the first GEIGER series, portions of the GEIGER 80-PAGE GIANT and over 30 pages of extras. This massive, oversized edition from creators GEOFF JOHNS, GARY FRANK, BRAD ANDERSON, and ROB LEIGH shouldn’t be missed. The adventure continues with GEIGER Vol 2 issue #3, on sale June 12, with an appearance by JUNKYARD JOE, and an attack by the mutated Organ People.

The story of immortal mercenary Simon Pure in REDCOAT #3 uncovers some truths about George Washington and the other founding fathers, when Simon and Albert Einstein are forced to turn to Benedict Arnold for help on June 19.

Then, finally on June 26, ROOK: EXODUS #3 expands even further as Rook and Dire-Wolf are forced to turn to the other Wardens of Exodus for help against Ursaw, the malevolent bear warden who’s hell-bent on taking every Warden’s helmet for his own use. (He doesn’t care if their heads are still in the helmets or not.) Want to know more? Check out these previews below…

Geiger Deluxe Edition Hardcover
Geiger #3
Redcoat #3
Rook: Exodus #3
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