Pullbox Previews Dark Empty Void- Cosmic Horror & Sci-Fi, coming soon from Mad Cave Studios

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Scientists have created a stable, microscopic black hole in a secret underground compound, but when they lose control, the black hole spews out a cosmic maelstrom, strange dangerous creatures, and most surprisingly…a mysterious human teenage girl. Now, a depressed but brilliant psychologist must help her estranged husband and the other scientists solve the mystery and close the black hole before it consumes all of Earth.

Dare to witness a cosmic horror series that will amaze and terrify you, with hit comic creator Zack Kaplan (Kill All Immortals, Beyond Real, Mindset), fan-favorite artist Chris Shehan (The Autumnal, House of Slaughter), rising star colorist Francesco Segala (Nights, House of Slaughter) and Ringo-nominated letterer Justin Birch (Road of Bones, House of Slaughter).

Mad Cave Studios is thrilled to announce DARK EMPTY VOID, the new 5-issue science fiction miniseries written by hit creator Zack Kaplan (Kill All Immortals, Beyond Real, Mindset), with art by Chris Shehan (The Autumnal, House of Slaughter), featuring colors by rising star Francesco Segala (Nights, House of Slaughter) and letters by Ringo-nominated Justin Birch (Road of Bones, House of Slaughter).

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Writer, Zack Kaplan
Zack Kaplan is the science fiction comic creator of such comics and graphic novels as DARK EMPTY VOID, THE MIDNIGHT: SHADOWS, KILL ALL IMMORTALS, BEYOND REAL, MINDSET, BREAK OUT, METAL SOCIETY, FOREVER FORWARD, JOIN THE FUTURE, THE LOST CITY EXPLORERS, PORT OF EARTH and ECLIPSE. After just a few short years, he has worked with publishers such as Image/Top Cow, Dark Horse, Aftershock, Vault, Mad Cave, Scout Comics and DC Comics. He has optioned several of his titles for FILM/TV adaptation, with PORT OF EARTH currently being developed by Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Ent.

Artist, Chris Shehan
Chris Shehan is an American comic artist living in Texas. He’s most known for co-creating The Autumnal and illustrating the best-selling House of Slaughter.

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