Pullbox Reviews Tough Luck, Chuck! #1- The kind of kid-friendly screwball hijinks ol’ Walt would’ve approved of

A four-leaf clover, what a rare sight! Everyone knows they’re a sign of good luck! However, this clover is anything but lucky…

Tough Luck, Chuck! is an original comic featuring four fun short stories following Chuck, a walking bad luck charm. Releasing March 17th! 🍀

Fans of old school “misadventure” cartoons and comics, you have something in common with creator/writer/illustrator Lauren Mays. Inspired by some of the classic comics coming out of Italy, and the work of StudioMDHR, Lauren wanted to take a step back from the frantic, often heavy-handed comics of today. Tough Luck Chuck is that very thing…

The world’s unluckiest good luck charm, Chuck is a well-meaning kind of fella, hoping to get through his day without causing too much property damage. Honestly, Chuck, I think I can relate. This opening issue is a series of short, easy-to-get-through stories that define “crazy random happenstance”. Lauren Mays comes at her easy-to-digest comic with an eye toward fun & hijinks flavored catastrophe, devoid of any real consequence. On that mark, she’s succeeded. “Market Mishap”, written & illustrated by Mays, paints a picture of what could go wrong on the way to the grocery store. “Ice Cream Calamity”, with pencils by Hayleysez, pits Chuck against probability, when all he wants to do is buy ice cream. A Benny Hill-style chase is the result.

The stories go on, each just a few pages long and perfect for young readers & the parents who read to them. Lauren Mays has a good handle on the kind of comedy you’d find in old Disney comics, all situational craziness with no people or animals harmed. I personally would’ve been happy to find stories like these before my kids got old enough to tell me to go away and find something productive to do.

Available for pre-order, Tough Luck, Chuck #1 is set to release on March 17th, just in time for St Patrick’s Day! Take a look at the sample pages below, then hop over to Laurne’s art page to see what else she has cooking. If you find something to chuckle at, you might just be Lauren’s target audience no matter how old you are. No judgment.

Final Score: 11/13 (as dictated by my Inner Child)

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