Head down to Pop’s for another one shot of small town Archie horror!

Pop Tate, the small-town restaurateur of Archie Comics lore, has some sinister secrets that were revealed in a chilling Archie Horror one-shot anthology earlier this year. The not-so wholesome food-themed horror continues in CHILLING ADVENTURES PRESENTS… POP’S CHOCK’LIT SHOPPE OF HORRORS: FRESH MEAT, a follow-up one-shot on-sale in March!

While the first CHOCK’LIT SHOPPE OF HORRORS comic revealed the nefarious goings on at the famous Riverdale diner after hours, FRESH MEAT will explore how Pop and his dark establishment came to be in three new stories by the original creative team. The collection includes “Lord of the Fries” by Amy Chase (Escape From Bitch Mountain) and Federico Sabbatini (Moon Knight), “Feed Me, Jughead” by Eisner nominee Jordan Morris (Jordan, Jesse, Go!) and Liana Kangas (Star Wars), and “Free Market, Free Range” by Ryan Cady (Infinite Dark) and Chris Panda (Transformers).

“We’re incredibly excited to return to the dark world of POP’S CHOCK’LIT SHOPPE OF HORRORS for another serving of scares! And we’re even more excited because the full creative team from last year’s issue is returning.” said Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante. “What I love about POP’S is that it deftly blends some of the most absurd, gruesome, and gory slasher and sci-fi horror with the funniest lines and moments I’ve ever read in an Archie Comic. It’s the perfect schlockfest and anyone who enjoys the brazen, dark humor of horror is sure to enjoy this anthology!”

Chase added, “I can’t even begin to express how thrilled I am that the whole gang is back for seconds. It’s been an interesting challenge to craft a POP’S prequel while keeping track of all our culinary carnage from the first issue. Readers are definitely in for some new scares with the same great taste!” As a new entry in the “Chilling Adventures” anthology series and a follow-up to a fan-favorite installment, FRESH MEAT is a warm welcome for genre fans who may be new to the Archie Horror-verse and a second helping for longtime readers who wanted more after the first bite.

“Sometimes there’s nothing more terrifying than a sequel,” Cady said, “but fear not — this one’s all killer, no filler. It’s been so rad getting the team back together and cooking up more horrors.”

Morris agreed and offered some insight into the culinary terrors to come: “I’m so glad to be returning to the Evil Pop-averse! It’s such a blast combining food and horror in a way that will make readers oscillate between ‘I could go for a burger right now!’ and ‘Holy crud I feel like I’m going to hurl! Do these depraved minds hold nothing sacred?’


Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe has been around for what feels like forever… but how? In this thrilling horror anthology, we learn just how Pop’s infamous malt shop came to harbor such evils, and the cursed deals he makes to ensure his doors always stay open. From the full creative team that brought you last year’s successful Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe of Horrors, we learn the nefarious origin of the beloved hometown haunt, with stories filled with shady business deals, carnivorous plants, and the horrors of small business ownership.

Script: Amy Chase, Jordan Morris, Ryan Cady
Art: Federico Sabbatini, Liana Kangas, Chris Panda

Colors: Ellie Wright

Letters: Jack Morelli
Cover: Adam Gorham
Variant Cover: Aaron Lea
On Sale Date: 3/20

32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

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