Pullbox Out and About- Paul Took a Field Trip to Orlando & Got Some Stuff!

I took a little field trip over to Orlando, about an hour & a half drive for me but well worth it. I got to check out a comic shop called Gods & Monsters, located at 5421 International Dr. Also on my itinerary was an open meet & greet with the one & only Blake Northcott, who was paying the place a visit and meeting a few comic enthusiasts.

I’ve gotta tell ya, folks, this place is amazing! You walk in & at first, it looks like that’s all there is… but just when you think that there’s no more store, there’s just more store. It keeps going, all the way to a back wall where there’s… get this… a bar! I kid you not, a real adult beverage dispensary for all of your adult beverage dispensing needs. Their comic & collectible inventory is just impressive, as is their interior decorating. Here… I took a few pictures.

You first walk in, and this guy is there to greet you. No climbing or pulling allowed!
Here’s where my perceptions were challenged… This is not the whole store
The collectible selection at Gods & Monsters is seriously on point!
When you finally get to the back of the store, you will find Vault 5421 (sorry, kids, 21+)

And of course, I got to meet one of the most gracious, pleasant, and happy to hang out with fellow comics lovers… the ever-awesome, Blake Northcott.

Blake admitted that she loves hitting conventions, but prefers being able to hit up local comic shops in her travels. Being able to kick back, not having to worry about working a table, just hanging out and talking about comics is a great way to spend some time. And Blake was more than happy to sign some stuff… which it happens I had (I’ve had some books set aside, waiting for just such an occasion).

I felt a little bad about clearing out a good chunk of Blake’s inventory, but I needed issues 2-4
Just got this signed by Jae Lee at Orlando MegaCon a few weeks ago… and it’s already up on the wall

All in all, I’m calling it a day very well spent and will be looking forward to another excuse to make the trip to Orlando. Gods & Monsters is a great place to hit, with very friendly staff and a fantastic setup. If you find yourself in the area, please stop in and check them out. Sadly, I can’t guarantee that Blake Northcott will be there, but hey… there’s always Vault 5421!

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