Pullbox Previews Howie the Hellhound #3 – A very good boy, coming soon to a comic shop near you

  • Howie the Hellhound #3
  • Scout Comics
  • Written by Jared Prestwidge (@jprestwidge)
  • Illustrated by Carlos Trigo (carlos_trigo)
  • Colors by Simon Robins (@bastard_cut)
  • Letters by Lucas Gattoni (@lettering.bear)
  • Edited by Nicole D’Andria
  • In shops February 21, 2024

Howie is missing! With her beloved pet swiped right under her nose by the bumbling demons Twiste and Flame Head, Louise’s life begins to spin out of control. Can she summon the courage to take Howie back from the literal forces of Hell? And can she do it in time for her big debut on Broadway?

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