Hulk goes Giant Sized in 2024

 In 2024, Marvel Comics is proudly bringing back GIANT-SIZE comics—more monumental and earth-shaking than ever before!

Honoring the 50th anniversary of the epic Giant-Size storytelling of 1970s, these new Giant-Size issues will be home to pivotal status quo shifts, exciting first appearances, and dramatic developments each month! Following January’s GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-MAN #1, February’s GIANT-SIZE FANTASTIC FOUR #1, and March’s GIANT-SIZE SPIDER-GWEN #1 comes Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Andrea Broccardo’s GIANT-SIZE HULK #1.

Arriving in April, GIANT-SIZE HULK #1 will fit at home with Johnson’s horror-fueled current run of Incredible Hulk where Bruce Banner is embarking on a soul-crushing journey against supernatural forces. Now comes a showdown with a threat so big that it can only be contained in a giant-size issue! All aboard for  a nonstop fight between the Jade Giant and a terrifying new foe named Patchwork Jack, all taking place amidst an explosive train ride!

Riding the rails is no walk in the park – especially for the INCREDIBLE HULK! And particularly when something – no, someONE – has been stolen from him by a gruesome new threat with evil machinations in mind. Clear the tracks – the HULK is coming through!!!

“The North Star I’ve been following on Incredible Hulk is to make EVERY ISSUE a horror and action showcase for the rockstar artists I’ve been so fortunate to work with,” Johnson explained. “I’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure readers don’t miss out on a single page of this book’s potential: new lore, new monsters, fan-favorite guest appearances from across the Marvel U, the most jaw-dropping fights imaginable, the gnarliest transformations Hulk has ever experienced… I want this to be a run that readers never forget. And when my editors asked for a GIANT-SIZE INCREDIBLE HULK one-shot, I knew we had to ramp all that up even more.

“The story we’re telling in GIANT-SIZE HULK #1 has been in the back of my mind since I started writing the series, just waiting for the right moment to be told,” he continued. “It sums up the horror-driven direction of the book, and features some of the most haunting and explosive visuals we’ve seen so far. It also features the first-ever appearance of a horrifying new character: Patchwork Jack, who I can’t wait for readers to meet. I promise you: no Hulk fan will want to miss this issue.”

Like all of next year’s GIANT-SIZE installments, GIANT-SIZE HULK #1 will boast a cover by superstar artist Bryan Hitch and reprint a classic adventure of its titular star, INCREDIBLE HULK #372. Part of Peter David and Dale Keown’s character-defining run and featuring high-speed action and heartrending drama, it’s a Hulk tale for the ages!

Check out Hitch’s cover and stay tuned for more GIANT-SIZE announcements in the months ahead! For more information, visit

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Updated: December 15, 2023 — 11:04 am

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