Pullbox Previews The Inventor- The coming of age story, re-invented by Papercutz

An Inventive Coming-of-Age Graphic Novel by Lars Henrik Eriksen

Papercutz is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of THE INVENTOR: BOOK ONE: THE DANGEROUS DISCOVERY, a captivating new graphic novel written and illustrated by Lars Henrik Eriksen. Set to publish from Papercutz on January 23, 2023, this inventive series marks the beginning of an exciting journey into the vibrant world of Mata-Mata.

Join young protagonist Cobalt Cogg and his grandfather, Alfred, as they navigate the vibrant island of Mata-Mata. Cobalt dreams of becoming an inventor like his grandpa, but when an accident involving one of Alfred’s inventions occurs, his hopes appear shattered. Will Cobalt find the strength to overcome adversity alongside his loyal friend Linnea and his supportive family? Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure filled with joy, grief, creativity, and a mysterious energy source known as Alpha-Energy in this fantastical coming-of-age graphic novel.

Lars Henrik Eriksen, the talented Norwegian artist and illustrator behind THE INVENTOR, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I find it incredibly exciting to know that children in the US will soon have the opportunity to read ‘The Inventor’ and get to know the aspiring inventor Cobalt, his friend Linnea, and the colorful turtles and people of Mata-Mata. I wish for children and youth to see the joy they can get from creating. It does not have to be creating inventions per se, but it could be creating visual art or music or writing etc. I hope the joy I got from making this book is visible, and also contagious. Creating is not about being talented or skillful, but I think it should be about putting your heart into what you are making.”

Eriksen noted that the book was heavily inspired by Manga:  “From the top of my head, some of the anime/manga titles that have inspired me a lot are One Piece for its boundless creativity, Gurren Lagann for its brilliant escalation of the story and the growth of its characters, Cowboy Bebop for its environmental storytelling and music, and Fullmetal Alchemist for how its able to take one concept, alchemy, and explore it to its fullest. However, I haven’t only been inspired by manga and anime, but also by lots of other properties, like  Spider-Man or Carl Barks and Don Rosa’s Donald Duck comics, and also lots of Scandinavian stories and books.”

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