IDW Publishing invite horror fans to Golgotha Motor Mountain

Buckle up for a chaotic ride through a cosmic nightmare in the countryside.

IDW Publishing proudly presents GOLGOTHA MOTOR MOUNTAIN, a mind-bending six issue limited series which follows two brothers, Elwood and Vernon, as their life is abruptly turned into trippy terror when an interstellar rock crashes through their meth lab. With one batch left to deliver before they can start a new life, the duo have the bright idea to mash the cosmic rock and pass it off as drugs, unknowingly turning all different kinds of terrible people – neo-nazis, corrupt cops, dangerous addicts – into terrifying mutants. Can the siblings survive the madness and escape Golgotha once and for all?

“This book is genuinely unhinged, bizarre, and unlike anything I’ve ever written before. In fact, it’s probably the first Southern Gothic, action, sci-fi, drug-fueled body horror concoction ever made,” says co-writer Lonnie Nadler. “Something like Mad Max by way of Cormac McCarthy. Yet, at its heart, GOLGOTHA is a story about two brothers at odds who have to find a way to trust one another in the face of absolute bedlam. As you can probably tell from my description alone, the whole team is trying hard to make sure this is like no other comic being released today, and that’s invigorating to be a part of.”
“GOLGOTHA MOTOR MOUNTAIN is a hillbilly cosmic sludge southern gothic nightmare. It’s a story that spans from the creation of the universe to the meth barn mountains of the Kentucky Appalachia to the golden age of Shōnen Jump,” remarks co-writer Matthew Erman. “The art by Robbie Rodriguez and Marissa Louise is unreal. Comic art like you’ve never seen before by some of the best artists who’ve ever worked in the industry all lettered by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, arguably the most indemand letterer working today. I can’t even get into the art done by Nikola Čižmešija, who I feel is our silver bullet on this series.”Erman continued, adding, “Editors Mark Doyle, Dave Wielgosz, Jake Williams and David Mariotte (who got us in the door at IDW) deserve a huge amount of credit for taking a chance on a series that wants to challenge and entertain and be something really special. Our intention from the start was to make a series that is unlike anything published in the last two decades and I think we’ve not only succeeded but have created something unique in how it approaches lore, history, memory and fiction as a whole. They’ve given us something that very few get to experience in their comics career which is real creative freedom to tell the story we thought could never be published, printed, or articulated.”
Artist Robbi Rodriguez explains how this project stands apart from the rest of his career.  “I’ve been a part of some amazing projects over the years but GOLGOTHA MOTOR MOUNTAIN is like nothing I’ve done before. It is very unique and an extreme joy to be a part of. It’s so full of fun and gore that makes my inner twelve year old squeal in joy.”  

Rodriguez further elaborated, adding the whole team is unleashing to create something truly memorable. “Being part of this team reminds me of tales from cult classic horror films where a group of talented individuals come together to make something special, fun and end up covered in red dyed corn syrup. It is truly exceptional what this group has created.  Even if I wasn’t part of this unbelievable project, I would still be first in line to pick it up. So I hope everyone cranks up their favorite heavy metal album and join us on this southern goth, cosmic horror splatter feast road trip.”
Colorist Marissa Louise talks about the experience of bringing all of the chaos to life on the pages and how it even pulls from her own world. “I’m pleased as punch to work on this sweaty, desperate, psychedelic trip. This is Robbi drawing rough and mean like you’ve never seen. Lonnie and Matthew are reaching deep into the rural landscape. Hassan and Nikola always knock it out of the park. For my part I’m trying to bring the hot, gritty, dripping loneliness of mountain life informed by my experiences in rural Oregon. No combine demolition derbies yet, but maybe next volume.”
Every issue will feature a backup short manga that is in-universe to the story, illustrated by Nikola Čižmešija. The artist shares why it was a thrilling opportunity. “GOLGOTHA MOTOR MOUNTAIN is such a unique and amazing adventure, filled with such a strong and passionate group of talented creatives and I’m so proud to be a part of. It brings me so much joy that I finally get to draw a book in manga style. It’s like a childhood dream come true! Lonnie and Matthew created such a mesmerizing story with jaw dropping scenes that I hope I did them justice.” 
Letter Hassan Ostmane-Elhaou comments on why he was excited to join the eye-popping and mutant-filled journey. “It’s a genuinely unique trip through a dark underbelly, and I was stoked to get to be part of it. Robbi, Nikola and Marissa are doing incredible things on the page, and Matthew and Lonnie’s words are greasily poetic.” Editor Dave Wielgosz states that this story is unlike anything he’s experienced before in the industry. “When I came on board GOLGOTHA MOTOR MOUNTAIN as the editor I was delighted to read something I hadn’t in comics before. A book that bled cosmic horror and human frailty in equal measure. It felt like a Coen Brothers script brought to life by the director John Carpenter at the peak of all three of their powers.” Wielgosz believes the creative team struck the perfect balance with the tone, crafting a comic that will stand out on the shelf.  “Lonnie Nadler & Matthew Erman have constructed something that aches with humanity, humor, and fear. Robbi Rodriguez and Marissa Louise have made Golgotha County feel like no other location in the history of comics and populated with some of the most unique characters on the stands today.”   GOLGOTHA MOTOR MOUNTAIN #1 is on sale March 6, 2024 and features primary covers by Rodriguez and manga variant covers by Čižmešija.  Contact your local comic shop for more info on how to pre-order.
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