Pullbox Spotlight on Critical Entertainment, an indie publisher celebrating their Diamond debut!

The Los Angeles-based publishing company, Critical Entertainment LLC, has officially partnered up with Diamond Comic Distributors to be their comic book store distributors! Critical Entertainment’s first comics books will be available for pre-order in the #420 PREVIEWSworld September Catalog!

Zombie Zero
Releasing November 29th
250 Pages
Black & White Interior Pages with Color Cover
Soft Cover Trade Paper Back
ISBN #978-1-7328085-0-8
Diamond Code: SEP231609
Alexander, the last zombie at the end of a zombie apocalypse, escapes and searches for his family with a little girl he believes to be his daughter. When he’s pursued by his captor Dr. Victor Brooks and zombie hunters, Alexander must learn how to survive in a fragile rebuilding world.

Releasing November 22nd
12 Pages
Full Color
UPC #855794008073: 00111
Diamond Code: SEP231607
In the Dark Era of space time, moments before particle decay unwinds the atomic fabric of father universe as we know it, Mae, Jacob, and Dove carry the faint, flickering torch of life through an endless void. This short story is about loss, fate, and the hope that we must hold dearly on our journey toward the ultimate unknown.

The Cowboy with Many Hats
Releasing November 15th
16 Pages
Full Color
UPC #855794008035: 00111
Diamond Code: SEP231608
When the Sheriff of an old western town is framed for murder by the State Marshall, he must realize that all things pass before he loses hope to move on.

Planetary Expansion – Issue 1
Chapter 1: Earth
Releasing December 13th
40 Pages
Full Color
UPC #855794008011: 00111
Diamond Code: OCT231668
Abandoning their lives on earth, 1,000 hand selected passengers aboard a Starship head to repopulate a new habitable planet. In another Solar System exists a planet just like Earth with fresh air, clean water, and sustainable life. They will brave the dangers of space and push past the limit to get there.

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