Legenderry Red Sonja Returns!

Dynamite invites readers to once more journey to the steampunk world of Legenderry for a new adventure of this multiversal take on Red Sonja! USA Today bestselling author Katana Collins, renowned for her work in the Batman: White Knight titles and recent Dynamite title Cherish, as well as her prose writing in romance novels and beyond, is taking on the She-Devil With a Sword (and gun!). She’s trying her hand at art theft, and she’s going to steal more than she bargained for!

“To date, this is one of my favorite stories and characters I’ve ever written!,” said writer Katana Collins. “As soon as this project was in discussion, all I needed to hear was ‘steampunk Red Sonja’ and I was all in. And in true steampunk style, we have one hell of a cameo within the story.”

When last we saw the Red Sonja of Legenderry, she was living the pirate’s life aboard her ship The Nautilus. Times have changed and this special 40-page special adventure tied to Red Sonja’s 50th anniversary weaves a tale of thievery, deception, and a mysterious artifact into an action-packed epic. An infamous painting with a decidedly handsome and un-aging owner is set in the sights of her revolver, and she intends to walk away with it at the end of her journey.

Collins is joined by incomparable artist Kewber Baal (Vengeance of Vampirella, Elvira in Monsterland), as well as a trio of tantalizing covers. Frequent collaborator and husband Sean Gordon Murphy lends his superstar talents to the main cover. He’s joined by artist Corin M. Howell and cosplayer Shannon Kingston.

“In my entire career, I’ve never drawn Red Sonja until now,” said Sean Gordon Murphy. “I loved getting to do something a little outside the norm for me and tweaking her original look to combine it with the steampunk elements in Legenderry’s version in an empowering way.”

The 50th anniversary of Red Sonja continues here, and in the steampunk world of Legenderry the possibilities are endless, like the gear wheels!

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