Preview How to Completely Lose Your Mind, an epic account of an epic tour by Pocket Vinyl

An Indie Band’s Record-Breaking Music Tour: A Graphic Novel

From the indie band Pocket Vinyl and the artists behind the documentary Drive. Play. Sleep. and the popular webcomic The Touring Test, this hilarious artists’ graphic novel memoir chronicles a couple’s road trip across the USA as they break a world record.

A world record smashing music tour through 50 State in 45 Days.

Together, Eric Stevenson and Elizabeth Jancewicz perform as the band Pocket Vinyl, where Eric slams on the piano and sings while Elizabeth creates a large oil painting on stage. In these artists’ graphic novel, watch as they take on their biggest challenge yet: to tour the whole nation in just 45 days, breaking the record for the fastest time a band has played in all 50 U.S. states.

“I knew that embarking on such a monstrous adventure would provide me with stories to tell, but I hadn’t realized how much those stories would change me… In retrospect, we learned so much: about how our art helps people, how interconnected we all are, and how easily our minds can descend into mental illness without us even realizing it’s happening.”

Elizabeth Jancewicz

It’s about a 2019 tour our band Pocket Vinyl did where we attempted to break the world record for playing a show in every state in the fastest amount of time, and how it destroyed our mental health. It’s part how-to book, part comedy, part drama, part road trip adventure, part love story…it’s a lot of parts. Frankly, it doesn’t fit neatly into any one category, which as I’m sure you know, is either a huge strength or huge weakness. We’re pretty confident it’s the former.

Eric Stevenson
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