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John Tiffany

(Mad Cave studios – Desberg / Pandosian / Gattoni)

John Tiffany is one of the best bounty hunters in the world. Given his precarious line of work, he has found that he can only truly trust four people: Pastor Lovejoy, an unorthodox priest; Wan Chao, an underworld geek; Dorothy, his conservative teammate; and Magdalena, a sex worker he has foolishly fallen in love with. But it seems that one of them has turned against him and now he’s the one with a bounty on his head. It’s a race against time as he tries to survive being a high-priced target and find out which of his confidantes is the traitor.

Do you have a gritty John Wick / James Bond sized hole in your comic book entertainment budget? If so, Mad Cave Studios has you covered!

John Tiffany is a dramatic, violent, neo-noir tale of a global level bounty hunter who suddenly finds himself with a bullseye on his back. In this first venture into his world, the reader finds John Tiffany trying to balance dodging bullets, the morality of his occupation, figuring out who broke his trust, and a femme fatale themed love life. 

The writing is detailed and well thought out. Authors Stephen Desberg and Dan Pandsian have constructed an excellently structured hard-boiled world, filled with the characters and environments you want from a grim, unwavering, detective-esque tale. While there is a good amount of great description, the authors do rely heavily on dialogue to have the readers moving to keep up with John Tiffany’s actions and motives. The art by Dan Pandsian is perfect for this book – great inking, heavy shading, dark color tones, thick lines. The aesthetic is flawlessly matched with the high-octane cinematic story. 

Bottom Line: If you are a fan of the slow burn crime thriller, this needs to be your next order.

Eric’s Score 12/13

Final thought: If this ever gets optioned for a series or movie, they have to get Jon Hamm to play him.

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