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A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a team of comic creators in Indonesia who are putting together an insanely layered and thought-out fantasy universe. How well thought-out, you might be wondering? When I asked if they could send me some press release info with a few sample pages, I got a nine-page breakdown and a pdf with over 40 pieces of preview art!

So what is The Universum? Created by Ellarion Stark, it’s as ambitious as anything else I’ve ever read. Here’s what they have to say about it…

The Universum tells the story of a newly minted young creator, Versum who does not remember who he is but knows  for what he is here for – he has been chosen as the new universe creator to increase the energy he receives and keep the multiverse viable

According to the philosophy of our book and the principles of quantum mechanics, every reader plays a crucial role in stabilizing the Universe – the multiverse we describe.

The more people read about the Universe, the more “observers” this multiverse has. Your consciousness and focus on the Universe contribute to strengthening its reality, making it more stable.

Moreover, according to the laws of our book, you can visit any universe for which you have a “tag.” A tag is akin to knowledge or a feeling about a specific world. If you’re a fan of the “Star Wars” universe, “Game of Thrones,” DC, “Rick and Morty,” or “Naruto,” you could potentially travel to any of them after your physical life here or under certain other conditions. Follow us on Instagram and strengthen your connection with the Universe through our comic and book. See you all there!

Ellarion Stark, writer/creator

The mythology and lore behind this book/comic series are insane. The background I received describes Lu, the energy needed for universal creation, the Creators behind the multiverse, and how they all interact and depend on each other. The story starts with the universe of Agartha, where characters and situations are introduced in the opening chapter, The Great Wall of Rain.

The artist at work on The Universum is Loqu1t, a digital and 2D artist with whom I’m looking forward to getting more acquainted. For folk with a taste for manga in their comics, they’re one to watch. It’s all there, in the scope of the scenery, the action, and the character design. I honestly can’t imagine not being able to find something here that appeals, but if you need to whet your whistle a little more, here’s some of the gorgeous preview artwork.

And just because there was so much to see, here are some of the bonus images I was sent…

Chapter 2: Execution
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