Kid Venom!

 It’s the SUMMER OF SYMBIOTES and the Marvel Universe is exploding with new symbiote characters, sagas, and revelations! This entire season of symbiote insanity is building up to DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE, a new limited series launching in August by Venom superstars Cullen Bunn and artist Gerardo Sandoval. This five-part symbiote epic will revolutionize the symbiote mythos as Carnage embarks on a murder spree across the multiverse, hunting down every last symbiote to claim his crown as the new KING IN BLACK. However, this dark tale will have a bright spot as a new symbiote hero emerges amidst Carnage’s chaos—KID VENOM. Starting in DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE #2, Kid Venom’s story will be told by in backup stories written and drawn by his creator, acclaimed manga artist Taigami (Unsung Hero)!

Hailing from 10th century Japan, Kentaru will do anything to protect his village from mysterious symbiote attacks, even if it means bonding to a symbiote of his own! As he attaches himself to a new symbiote entity dubbed Clinter, Kentaru embraces his wild new abilities as Kid Venom! But is he in way over his head when Carnage’s fury swings his way?

See Kid Venom for the very first time right now on Luciano Vecchio’s DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE #2 variant cover as well as Taigami’s original design sheets, and stay alert for more exciting developments out of the SUMMER OF SYMBIOTES. For more information, visit

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Updated: May 29, 2023 — 5:44 pm

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