Pullbox Previews The Elysian- A hidden world of Immortals, playing humanity like chess pieces

  • The Elysian
  • by Jack Stepp
  • Available now
    • Amazon Kindle

GODS, ALIENS, HEROES, or VILLAINS, who are THE ELYSIAN? Guided by their most wanted criminal, a young woman will search for the answer. The Elysian Volume 1 follows the story of a young woman named Samantha as she is thrust into the secret world of The Elysian, a nearly immortal race who have been manipulating humanity for millennia, but to what end? After the disappearance of her father, she follows his parting instructions leading her to a man named Hades. The two are attacked by strange soldiers and are forced to go on the run. Despite being wanted by his own race, Hades guides Sam to the subterranean city of Arcadia, home of The Elysian, and finally to the parallel world of Agartha, in search of her missing father. Aided by Hades and the other Elysian, the forces of Agartha must battle this strange army before it destroys their world and sets its sights on Earth. While this 160 page graphic novel is the first in the series it is a complete story in itself. No cliffhangers, but don’t expect answers to all of your questions. 

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