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As of January 2023, we’re ending all our consumer-facing activities (website, social media, newsletters, events). But the adventure isn’t over! We’ll continue to release several books every month, so you’ll still be able to find new Europe Comics titles through your preferred online retailer. Our heartfelt thanks for your lasting enthusiasm that has kept us going for the past seven years. Keep reading and spreading the love of European comics!


ThePullbox team would like to point out that while Europe Comics may be changing things around, they are not going away. As always, interested readers are going to be able to get hold of the distinctive comics this fantastic publisher has always put out into the world, covering all genres and tastes… Please, hop over to their catalog and take a look around. We promise you that there will be something in there that you’re gonna love.

Anastasia: part 1

Script by Magdalena Lankosz – Art by Joanna Karpowicz

1926. A mother and her young daughter come to Los Angeles. The mother is chasing her dream: she wants to conquer Hollywood, no matter the cost. Her little girl, Anastasia, is the perfect candidate to be cinema’s next big star. But can she stand the pressure? The clash of dreams and the dirty reality of show business is a heavy burden to bear, as Anastasia comes face to face with the crime, abuse, and murky secrets of an all-powerful industry. A story that calls into question the so-called golden era of Hollywood, when the “dream factory” resembled a Byzantine empire, above the law and fed by vanity and greed.

Djinn: The Favorite

Script by Jean Dufaux – Art by Ana Miralles

What exactly is a harem for? For the pleasure of a sovereign, of course. But he would be foolish to limit it to this sole purpose. They say that if you can satisfy a man, he’ll give you all the treasures of the earth. Including the spoils of war. Sultan Murati’s harem is a far more powerful weapon than the British and German armies, both of which are seeking his alliance. The flower of all flowers, the weapon of all weapons, Jade, the Sultan’s new favorite, is entrusted with the Sultan’s scheme to launch an assault on an English diplomat. A model of British calm and impregnability, like all men, Lord Nelson has his Achilles’ heel: his wife…

50 years later, Jade’s granddaughter, Kim, is trying to trace the footsteps of her fascinating ancestor in a modern Istanbul, where the harems have all but disappeared. But not the brothels, as Kim discovers at her own expense. But Kim’s not just trying to find her roots. Legend has it that Jade, and Jade alone, knew where the Black Sultan hid his treasure, a treasure that no one has ever managed to unearth…

Renaissance: The Uprooted

Script by Fred DuvalFrédéric Blanchard – Art by EmemFrédéric Blanchard

Swänn and Sätie were born on Näkän, a major planet in the Complex, a federation of extraterrestrial civilizations. The young couple hoped to live a peaceful life in an environment where nature and technology coexist in balance. But they are forced to mobilize when the leaders of the Complex decide to launch a vast expedition to save a planet that has exhausted its resources: Earth.

Blacksad: Somewhere Within the Shadows

Script by Juan Díaz Canales – Art by Juanjo Guarnido

Get ready for a true masterpiece! This is the story of a private detective seeking revenge for the death of his assassinated ex-girlfriend. A stunning thriller, enhanced by a wonderfully detailed drawing style, with characters in the form of the animals that best reflect the nuances of their personalities. Dark, daring, engaging, this is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most successful comic book series.

The Eagles of Rome, vol 1

Script by Enrico Marini – Art by Enrico Marini

The strategic general Drusus is entrusted with the mission of bringing the indomitable barbarians of Germania under the Roman Empire’s control. Once the battle is won, Prince Sigmar offers his son, Arminius, as a hostage to the Romans. Caesar consigns the education of the young barbarian to one of his most trusted companions, Titus Valerius Falco. Titus has a son of the same age as Arminius, an unruly young man called Marcus, also in need of an education worthy of his name. Together, these two budding soldiers go through full training, and are time and again subjected to the steely discipline and harsh tests of their tutor, an ex-legionary. Through these trying experiences, the insolent young Roman and the hot-headed German gradually transform their reciprocal hatred into a strong friendship… especially as they begin to discover the irresistible charms of their various female contemporaries…

About Europe Comics

(Click the link for the list of e-partners where the best of European creativity can be found)

Europe Comics began as an idea of Franco-Belgian comics agent Mediatoon Licensing in 2015. Three years (and a lot of work) later, it evolved into a 13-partner pan-European alliance, supported by the European Commission and held together by the desire to spread the European graphic novel heritage around the world.

The ambitious 13 set themselves three main targets. First, the creation of a collective digital imprint, replicating European comics’ variety, richness and originality, in English and digital format. The Europe Comics catalog is meant for both the final reader and foreign publishers interested in licensing in English or other languages, and our titles are available around the world through an extensive network of e-tailers, book outlets, and libraries. Second, our initiative strives for greater international exposure of European authors, through author tours and events across Europe and the USA. And last but not least, we aim to create a comprehensive European comics online directory, providing readers and professionals with wide-ranging information such as the history of European comics, a global calendar of comics events, academic studies, market overviews and more.

Once the targets have been set, the only thing left is to achieve them. So here is the Europe Comics Partnership, which hopes to welcome new members on the way.

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