Dynamite reveals more covers for Red Sonja’s 50th Anniversary

Dynamite has just announced the roaring return of Red Sonja, the She-Devil With a Sword, in an anticipated new 50th anniversary series starting this July by writer Torunn Grønbekk (Thor, Valkyrie, Realm of X) and artist Walter Geovani. The celebration is so big that the wide cast of heavy hitter artists attached to the project will be revealed in waves, to make sure the immense talent gets the spotlight they all deserve!

In addition to the announced covers for issue #1 by Shannon Maer, Jim Chung, and the legendary Mike Mignola, Dynamite has three more greats to reveal now!

Jenny Frison is one of the most beloved artists who have ever taken on the Hyrkanian Heroine. Her gorgeous painted covers that graced the entire 2013 Red Sonja series written by Gail Simone continue to be some of the most coveted comics for the character. Collectors who were there at the time, and newcomers who have discovered comics or Red Sonja more recently all seek out their favorites or a complete set of Frison’s covers on that run. Now a decade later, and reuniting with Walter Geovani who also drew the interiors on that series, Jenny is back for an awe-inspiring take on Sonja! Beyond Sonja, Frison is one of the most popular cover artists across all of comics, with celebrated contributions to Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Something is Killing the Children, Revival, and more.

Another star actually making their debut officially drawing Red Sonja is the masterful Bryan Hitch. One of the most influential modern artists in comics, Hitch’s “widescreen” style on Stormwatch, The Authority, JLA, and The Ultimates ushered in a new approach to comics storytelling on the biggest titles. That all followed him already being a superstar years earlier, getting his initial big splash with Marvel’s UK titles in the early 1990s. For the big anniversary, Hitch is bringing that same intensive detail and eleftrifying look to his Red Sonja cover. This piece follows a string of recent covers Hitch has done with Dynamite, including on Vampirella franchise title Victory and Kong: The Great War.

One of the more recently rising names taking part in the Red Sonja golden anniversary party is Alan Quah. The Malaysian artist’s unique style has drawn fans to his stunning covers for all manner of titles and publishers. He has had cover runs on series like Nightwing, Wolverine, and Dynamite’s own Red Sonja: Age of Chaos. He’s returning to the Hyborean Age for perhaps his best cover yet!

Red Sonja and Dynamite fans can stay tuned for even more awesome reveals in the rollout of all information for this upcoming series!

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