Disney Villain one-shots continue with Maleficent

Dynamite is proud to announce a thrilling new title starring one of the crown jewels of the Disney Villains pantheon. The Mistress of Evil, the one and only Maleficent, invades the comic book page via multi-talented creator Soo Lee this coming May.

Maleficent first appeared in Walt Disney Animation Studios’ iconic 1959 film Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent has returned to screens in two blockbuster films and now Dynamite is pleased to reveal the debut of her first solo comic series.

Versatile creator Soo Lee (Carmilla: The First Vampire, DC/RWBY) is leading the charge on this all-new series, not only writing the story, but drawing it as well. Longtime fans will be excited to see her portrayal of one of Disney’s greatest evildoers, both visually and in channeling her voice. Queen of the Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent’s realm is shrouded in darkness and her soul is cold following a life of thwarting foolish adventurers after her powers. It’s only a matter of time until she will finally have enough, and descend upon the powerless people below, unleashing her horrible magics upon them.

“I think Maleficent is kind of an icon as a character herself,” said author and illustrator Soo Lee. “She is stylish, beautiful in her way and very powerful. Even though she’s a villain I really liked that she was a powerful woman. I mean, she transforms into a dragon! That’s pretty cool.”

This new story is meant to fit within the established character arc of Maleficent as depicted in the classic animated film, a sort of prequel peek into her past, set long before the events of Sleeping Beauty. The focus is on her as the main character of the story and her own life, not playing second fiddle to princesses and princes. Soo Lee, editor Nate Cosby, and the Disney team have worked together to deliver this stunning vision of villainy!

Lee is joined by a colorful cast of creatives in bringing this project together. She’s writing, drawing, and coloring her own tale, but is additionally joined by letterer Jeff Eckleberry. She also draws one of the covers for the book, perfectly complementing her interior art. Other covers on the series will be done by the legendary Jae Lee (Batman/Superman, Inhumans), Jennifer L. Meyer, Rebeca Puebla, and Erica D’Urso.

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