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Tales From Nottingham explores untold stories from the twisted universe of Nottingham, including the secret origins of Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Marian’s violent past, Aya of the Hashashin’s first kill, and an ordeal that will shake Friar Tuck to his core. Never-before-seen mysteries confront Everard Blackthorne, the Sheriff of Nottingham, culminating in an investigation that will lead directly into the climactic events of Nottingham Vol. 3.

This anthology reunites Nottingham series creators David Hazan and Shane Connery Volk, while also bringing diverse new talent into the world of Nottingham, including Eisner and GLAAD nominated writer Magdalene Visaggio (Kim & Kim, Eternity Girl, Doctor Mirage).

Tales From Nottingham collects 5 unique stories by the winners of Mad Cave’s 2021 Talent Search bringing their talents to bear in the world of Nottingham each with their own perspective. Nottingham author & artist David Hazan & Shane Connery Volk kick off the anthology with an untold story featuring Aya of the Hashashin’s first kill.

  1. Hashashin
  2. The Curious Case of the Deer in the Nighttime 
  3. Maid No More
  4. The Lord’s Work
  5. Secret Origins
  6. Northampton Castle Blues

Tales From Nottingham #1 is now available for pre-order on the Mad Cave site, in Previews(FOC: January 9, 2023), and officially in stores February 1, 2023.

Mad Cave Studios is a comic book and graphic novel publisher founded by Mark London in

2014 driven by madness and committed to quality. For additional information, visit


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