Back This: The VeilWalker

This is beautiful art and looks like a great story!



If you were going to support one indie creator project this week – make it The VeilWalker!  

Creator’s blurb – The VeilWalker takes place in a world where a small percentage of the population is born with “The Gift”; Allowing those born with it to use their mana to cast all kinds of spells. Thus, the Veil Guard was established: to protect “The Gifted” from the modern world and from creatures who would devour them called the “Veilspawn.”

For centuries, The Order has been balancing the study of the Veil while maintaining its secrecy and that of the Gifted population. The Veil is weakening, and it’s cause, a mystery. In this issue Alexander will witness the barriers of our world ripped asunder like never before.

After the disappearance of an urban explorer was caught on a Livestream, The Head of the Veilguard’s Inquisitor’s branch is tasked with investigating for potential Veilspawn involvement. However, Alexander soon finds that the most significant challenge he will face tonight is one he thought long subdued. This story will push Alexander and his skills to their limits, Ultimately placing the world’s fate on answers he has failed to find over a lifetime.

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