Pullbox Indie Spotlight on Stealth Hammer – An all-ages superhero adventure

  • Stealth Hammer #1
  • Created/Written by Ryan Drost
  • Artists
    • Joel Jackson
    • Alexandra Scott
  • Colors
    • Ross Hughes
    • Alexandra Scott
  • Letters
    • Dave Sharpe
    • Alexandra Scott
  • Logo & Title Art by Jami Drost

Stealth Hammer is an all-ages Superhero Adventure story set in a world of high-tech gadgetry and supernatural mythology. At its core, it’s a tale about family, legacy, and the spirit of never giving up. Jami Taylor is a college student who after an act of sabotage and a bit of destiny finds herself with incredible powers and part of a legacy of guardians. She is about to find out her world is much bigger than it first appeared.

Check it out at the shiny & new StealthHammer.com
  • Issues 1 and 2 are both available in print and digital formats.

Currently distributed directly from the creator, Ryan Drost. He can be contacted via Stealth Hammer social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Issue 1 is available to read online here
Issue 2 is available to read online here
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