Osamu Tezuka’s Atom: The Beginning


(W) Osamu Tezuka (Original Story), Masami Yuuki (Script) 

(A/CA) Tetsuro Kasahara 

Publisher: Titan Manga 

SC, B&W, 5″ x 7″, 208pp, $12.99/£9.99 

Volume 1 On Sale: 11 October 2022 

ISBN: 9781787739574 

Volume 2 On Sale: 13 December 2022 

ISBN: 9781787739581 

ATOM: The Beginning is an original manga based on the God of Manga Osamu Tezuka’s world-famous series Astro Boy. It works both as a prequel to the original series, telling the stories of the developers of the artificial intelligence that would eventually give birth to the iconic Atom, and as a stand-alone sci-fi manga about the turbulent lives of two robotic engineering students and their latest revolutionary project: the unassuming yet insanely strong A106, or “Six.”

Created by Masami Yuki and Tetsurō Kasahara, ATOM is a beautifully drawn, action-packed thrill ride, perfect for fans of Battle Angel Alita and Ghost in the Shell, filled with heart and humor and a lovable cast of characters! 

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