Darkwing Duck flies again thanks to Dynamite Entertainment

The debonair Drake Mallard, aka Disney’s Darkwing Duck, is swooping back into comics to ring in the new year. Ahead of the anxiously awaited debut, Dynamite Entertainment is revealing the daring covers for the first issue in time for New York Comic Con!

First teased alongside Dynamite’s other initial Disney series Gargoyles at San Diego Comic Con, fans have been at the ready for more info on the new Darkwing Duck project. More details on the creative team and story are right around the corner, but Dynamite wants to highlight the talented artists who will be gracing the covers of the book.

Superstar artist David Nakayama is back leading the pack, depicting the defender of St. Canard striking a heroic pose. Humorously, the fan-favorite fowl is perched atop a gargoyle – presumably the kind that doesn’t come alive at night. David’s signature style perfectly straddles the line between what fans expect at the top of comics art today and stylings of classic cartoons. With prolific contributions to Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line, which often evokes the beloved animated shows of previous eras, Nakayama is the perfect pick for Darkwing as well.

International sensation Mirka Andolfo is beloved for her hit creations Unnatural, Sweet Paprika, and contributions to huge franchises like Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Red Sonja, and much more. Disney’s classics are of course beloved across the world, and particularly their Duck comics and others have long held a major presence in Andolfo’s native Italy and throughout Europe. Her cover portrays our hero cloaked up, ready for whatever the night presents him.

Fans have grown to love Lesley “Leirix” Li for her gorgeous cover work on so many titles. She’s often known for the way she captures powerful and beautiful women. Yet her talent knows no bounds, as fans will be excited to see an equally impressive take on Darkwing Duck from her hands. With a billowing cape and grappling hook in action, Mr. Mallard is ready for action.

A trio of additional covers really capture the spirit of the original show and its visual style. Trish Forstner, known for the smash hit series Stray Dogs and countless contributions to franchises like My Little Pony and Transformers, steps up with a jaw dropping cover that looks nearly ripped straight from the show! Artist Jacob Edgar has wowed fans with each project he’s done, from the horror comedy romp Death to the Army of Darkness to The Ones with Brian Michael Bendis. His clean, cartoony lines capture the fun of comics and animation. Mirka Andolfo’s studio mate Carlo Lauro rounds out the cast on this initial salvo of covers.

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