Cover Blitz: Spider-Man’s 900th issue!

Just in time for Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN will reach its 900th issue this July with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #6. Current series writer Zeb Wells will team up with superstar artist Ed McGuiness to celebrate this incredible milestone with a giant-sized spectacular that promises to be one of the biggest showdowns in Spidey history. Bringing his iconic artwork to the series for the first time, McGuinness will depict a battle between Spider-Man and the all-new SINISTER ADAPTOID, a being equipped with the abilities of Spidey’s greatest foes. The landmark issue will come complete with variant covers by some of the industry’s most acclaimed artists and fans can see all 13 right now!

“There’s nothing I love more than a giant-size Spider-Man anniversary issue, and I’m pulling out all the–ah, what does it matter what I think. ED MCGUINNESS is drawing a super-sized Spider-story. Who isn’t going to check this out???” Wells said.

Be there when Wells and McGuinness pull out all the stops for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’s 900th issue on July 27! For more information, visit


Written by ZEB WELLS

Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR. – 75960620200300611

Virgin Variant Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR. – 75960620200300619

Wraparound Variant Cover by ED McGUINNESS – 75960620200300621

Variant Cover by PEACH MOMOKO – 75960620200300631

Virgin Variant Cover by PEACH MOMOKO – 75960620200300640
Variant Cover by BENGAL – 75960620200300616

Variant Cover by BEN SU – 75960620200300618

Variant Cover by MARK BAGLEY – 75960620200300641

Variant Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS – 75960620200300651

Variant Cover by JULIAN TOTINO TEDESCO – 75960620200300661

Variant Cover by JIM CHEUNG – 75960620200300671

Variant Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG – 75960620200300681

Virgin Variant Cover by JOHN CASSADAY – 75960620200300691

Variant Cover by MARIA WOLF – 75960620200300620

Variant Cover by TAURIN CLARKE – 75960620200300622

On Sale 7/27

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