Pullbox Previews: Twilight Custard – “Before Roswell, there was Eagle Pass”


Before Roswell, there was Eagle Pass

Twilight Custard would do anything to see the love of his life again. It just so happens that anything, in this case, means helping a downed android-pilot from the outer reaches of space get back to its ship and correct the course of history as we know it!

Meet the Creators

Josh Wilson is a writer specializing in comics, screenplays, and music. He is the writer and art director of Twilight Custard, as well as an online series titled, “Dangerous Enemies.”

William Muljo is an Indonesian comic artist based in Tangerang. He studied and worked in animation before pursuing a career in comics. He provided the artwork for Twilight Custard, as well as another book titled, “Sang Sakti Kanuragan.”

Chris Allen is a graphic designer who provided the cover art and internal design for Twilight Custard. His work spans many mediums including magazines, posters, t-shirts, and branding

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