Pullbox Previews: Azimut, The Adventurers of Lost Time

Azimut: The Adventurers of Lost Time

  • Writer: Wilfrid Lupano
  • Artist: Jean-Baptiste Andreae
  • Publisher: Titan Comics
  • Hardcover, 232pp, $39.99, £36.99
  • On sale March 2022
  • ISBN: 9781787735880

This Crayon d’Or prize-winning graphic novel is an incredible Terry Gilliam-esque fantasy tale, penned by the award-winning author of the acclaimed Valerian spin-off.

Azimut features a host of quirky characters in a colourful fantasy world whose lives are turned upside down when the magnetic North pole simply disappears!

Time and death are not what they seem in this world – old professor Aristide Breloquinte spends his time studying the peculiarities on his laboratory ship, fearful of the dreaded Time Snatcher! The beautiful Manie Ganza, who seems convinced that time is money, daringly robs and outwits the pompous rulers across the land. Add in an intrepid explorer who can’t find North, and an aeronaut/talking rabbit duo on a personal quest for love, and you’ve got a fantasy adventure full of nonsense and excitement!

Wilfrid Lupano spins a wonderful yarn of fun, flawed characters – who could’ve jumped straight out of the works of Lewis Carroll – on a spectacular adventure, with mesmerising art by Jean-Baptiste Andréae.

About the Creators:

Wilfrid Lupano published the first volume of Old Geezers, in 2014 alongside artist Paul Cauuet, a major hit with critics and readers alike, winning several awards. Most recently, Lupano has adapted the legendary sci-fi series Valerian, collaborating with artist Mathieu Lauffray on the spin-off Shingouzlooz Inc.Jean-Baptiste Andréae  received the Youth Prize in 1995 at the Angoulême International Festival for the MangeCoeur series. By January 1999, sales had reached 15,000 copies. Between 2002 and 2009, the three parts of Terre Mécanique appeared, which in 2010 were the subject of a CCI Pau Béarn exhibition. In November 2015, as part of the La Bulle d’Or Festival in Brignais, Andréae received the Crayon d’Or prize for Azimut.

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