Odinn’s Eye opens on the world this week!

The most anticipated BAD IDEA DAY ever is this Wednesday and it kicks off a five-issue weekly epic with ODINN’S EYE #1!

Each of the 4 subsequent epic issues arrive each week following, culminating with ODINN’S EYE #5 1/12/22.

There’s also a brand-new First Customer Gold Pin for ODINN’S EYE #1 available this Wednesdayfor all you pin chasing lunatics.

Alas, too late to send away for the all-natural, pin-exclusive, possibly bad idea branded rock (we’re shocked that so many of you actually sent in for a rock…scratch that. We’re shocked ANYONE sent in for a rock!) but just in time for the next unbelievable, soul-torturing, borderline abusive, BAD IDEA First Customer Pin redemption opportunity!

Lastly, a very important reminder – due to the ongoing labor and paper shortages ODINN’S EYE orders have been capped at just those orders we received via FINAL FIVE bundle pre-orders. No individual orders, no additional orders, no re-orders and no non-bundle pre-orders were solicited and/or accepted as a result of our microscopic paper allotment. That means that if you did not pre-order ODINN’S EYE as part of the FINAL FIVE bundle your local comic shop is very unlikely to have additional copies. And if they do, they are very likely to run out quickly.

Solveig, a young farm girl of great promise, is haunted by visions from the god-king Odinn himself. In words she cannot understand, and images too violent for a child to comprehend, Odinn tasks Solveig with a brutal mission: retrieve his eye — the one he famously traded for wisdom — and bring it to him.

In the real world, the winter season has not left the land of Solveig’s people for several years. As crops fail and livestock perish, fear and panic grow. In their desperation to appease the gods and free the land of this never-ending winter, the tribe turns to the child whose visions are surely a sign from Odinn. A war party is assembled. Solveig and a band of warriors — including an all-seeing witch — are sent north on a great quest — one which will change all that she knows, all who she has known, and all that she will become.

An epic of incredible scope and vision from the minds of Joshua Dysart and Tomas Giorello. Told weekly in 5 parts this December.

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