Pullbox Previews: BiGS, a sci-fi eco-thriller from UpChuck Comics

(From the publisher) My name is Brian Chuck and I am the writer, editor, and publisher of UpChuck Comics an independent comic book company in Dallas, TX. UpChuck’s main serial title BiGS is a 4 issue sci-fi eco-thriller an X-Men meet Brave New World that is being released as a trade paperback.

A new race evolves from environmental pressures caused by climate change. This new minority is hated by the rest of the population, and exploited by Big Pharma and Big Oil. Viewed in the microcosm of the present, the gradual and complex genetic changes are diagnosed by healthcare as a genetic flaw called BGS.

Two generations after the first people with BGS were born, their race is heavily medicated and plagued by poor health. Due to high cost of treating BGS, BiGS are forced into work programs to subsidize their government funded healthcare. Nate Belcher is a typical BiG working in anonymity fossil fuel industry until a social media site Linking every video camera thrust him into the spotlight. Now this suddenly extraordinary man may be the key to social justice for his race and possibly saving the world.

Hey, you can also check a free preview of the first eleven pages to see what you’re getting into before you commit. To save you some wear and tear on your left mouse button, we’ve got the first five pages below… look on!

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