Indie Spotlight on Sidekick For Hire- A little bit funny layered with dark themes…

Sidekick For Hire #1

Leo’s life is crazy enough dealing with college and his responsibilities. Add being shot at by bank robbers at work and you add a whole other level of stress in life. No one ever said being a superhero was easy. Especially if you are just a sidekick. Find out for yourself in the first issue of SIDEKICK FOR HIRE!

Sidekick For Hire #2


Leo is determined to be the best Sidekick in the world and get paid while doing so. After what happened to his last employer, Leo begins to work with a new broodier hero that is a bit unorthodox compared to the other heroes he has worked with in the past.

However, Leo is struggling with the fallout from what happened to the last hero, Captain Ultra, and questions whether he should continue this career or not!

Follow Leo Moss’ path to becoming the first-ever real-life Sidekick and check out SIDEKICK FOR HIRE #2.

Sidekick For Hire #3

Things are going well for the sidekick with no codename, Leo Moss!…. Wait, are they?!? There are so many questions! Like who is this new inventor in Milhaven that should up during people’s time in need? Who is the lady that is secretly in charge of the gangs around town? And why do they look the same?

At least things are going well between Leo and his friends… Wait, things aren’t going well between them? And his local badass, superhero boss, is angry, too? Well, in all fairness, he always looks angry.

I’m sure things will be better, or worse, for Leo in this issue. Who knows? The guy who wrote this comic and all the COOL people that read SIDEKICK FOR HIRE #3 know!

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