Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer (read: Old Man Buffy) is coming in December!

BOOM! Studios, in collaboration with 20th Television, is proud to announce BUFFY THE LAST VAMPIRE SLAYER, a brand new four-issue comic book series out December 2021. From acclaimed writer Casey Gilly (Femme Magnifique, You Died) and artist Joe Jaro (Firefly) comes a dystopian tale of the iconic Slayer, Buffy Summers, like you’ve never seen her before.

 In a world ruled by darkness, Buffy Summers is the last Slayer. A magical catastrophe has ended the Slayer line and nearly blotted out the sun, allowing vampires to prey on humanity unimpeded. Now in her 50s, Buffy wages a desperate one-woman fight against the forces of evil. That is, until she stumbles across something she hasn’t seen in a long time – hope, in the form of a prophecy and the young girl who carries it…

Casey Gilly is the mother of a toddler, a horror fan, and a comics writer. The first two prepared her for the third. Her work can be seen in Star Wars Adventures, My Little Pony: Generations, You Died, and Femme Magnifique. 

“It’s been such a privilege to tell a story from Buffy’s mid-life years. We so often see women in their 50’s being overlooked, but our Slayer refuses to become convenient and invisible. I hope fans who, like me, grew up with teenage Buffy and now find themselves approaching middle age, can see their current selves in her–someone heroic, wise, and maybe just a little bit salty. There is so much I’m excited for with this series, but I truly cannot wait for y’all to see the gorgeous work Joe Jaro has done bringing BUFFY THE LAST VAMPIRE SLAYER to the page. He is incredible!” said Gilly.

Jose “Joe” Jaro is a Filipino American comic book artist and character designer. His published works include sequential and cover art for Lion Forge Comics, Image Comics, Zenescope, Action Lab Comics, as well as numerous indie books. He has also produced character designs for Powerhouse Animation Studios. You can find him on Instagram @joe_jaro.

“I’ve been a fan of Buffy and the Buffyverse since my school days. It was a great mix of action, horror, and comedy. I’m so excited to now be able to draw Buffy and the rest of the Scooby gang, and add our own twist to her story as a creative team,” said Jaro.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered on March 10th, 1997. The Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated series ran for seven seasons from 1997-2003. Chosen to battle vampires, demons and other forces of darkness, Buffy is aided by a Watcher who guides and teaches her as she surrounds herself with a circle of friends called the Scooby Gang. 

BUFFY THE LAST VAMPIRE SLAYER #1 features main cover art by acclaimed illustrator Ario Anindito (Star Wars: The High Republic) and variant cover art by fan favorite artists Rod Reis (New Mutants), Dani Pendergast (Magic),  Jakub Rebelka (JudasOrigins), and Giuseppe Camuncoli (Undiscovered Country). 

“The Buffy Summers you meet in this series is a hardened warrior who has reached an age no one ever thought a Slayer would live to see, but it’s cost her too much along the way,” said Elizabeth Brei, Editor, BOOM! Studios. “Casey and Joe perfectly capture the iconic hero’s indomitable spirit and reveal a side of Buffy we’ve never seen before in this limited series that changes the future of the Buffyverse forever!”

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  1. Shouldn’t that headline read, “Old Lady Buffy”? If the X-Men are considering renaming to reflect the female membership…

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