Zombie Terrors are coming this Halloween from Asylum Press

Asylum Press announces a preview to it’s ZOMBIE TERRORS: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL #1 (ONE-SHOT)
Asylum Press brings you a giant flesh rotting collection of all-new zombie tales. Featuring an international cast of artistic talent. Dwayne Harris brings us “Recluse” where an old man living in a cabin in the woods thinks he’s prepared for the zombie apocalypse. But nothing could prepare him for the bite of a recluse spider turning him into a creature of the undead. In “Nodal”, a man, living in In a post apocalyptic future tries to evade a horde of the lurking dead, but they may not be as dead as they seem; written by Timothy E. Bacon & Grant Fraggalosch and Illustrated by Timothy E. Bacon . ” I describe Nodal as a zombie story in the style of Tetsuo: The Iron Man meets Videodrome, ” explains creator Timothy E. Bacon. “Abomination Dead” is written and Illustrated by Frank Forte (Warlash, Vampire Macabre)  In “The Trapped Undead”” a yojimbo must fight off a gambling hall bursting with the living dead, written and illustrated by Brian Quinn (@MRDRfly).

“I’m excited to bring this anthology of amazing creators to fans of the wicked and supernatural,” explains creator and publisher, “Frank Forte, ” this is a labor of love for all involved and it shows.”
 An amazing horrorific collection for the ghastly reader! Cover A by Aly Fell (The Shadow Glass, Heavy Metal), and Cover B by Ben Olson (Heavy Metal, Warlash). This rotting collection will be in stores late September, just in time to celebrate Halloween.
Written by Timothy E. Bacon & Grant Fraggalosch
Illustrated by Timothy E. Bacon
In a future world rapidly falling into ruin, humankind is forced to retreat into self-imposed seclusion. An isolated survivor desperately struggles to cling to his humanity as he battles against the rise of a deadly technological plague.
Creator Timothy Bacon describes the origins of the NODAL story:
“I conceived of this story during one of the many lockdowns in my city for the Covid-19 pandemic. I’d written a number of zombie stories in the past and while working on some new zombie ideas it occurred to me that during a lockdown situation it would be nearly impossible to tell a story about a zombie plague when the principle form of transmission is through contact (usually biting) with others. A zombie plague is not easy to spread if everyone is currently locked away and isolated from one another.
Then, I thought that the only way we were connecting with others during the lockdown was through the use of technology – everything from family video calls to social messaging and whatever other forms of electronic communication we have at hand.
Finally, I had been doing quite a bit of reading regarding viruses and the successive mutations that allowed them the ability to jump from one species to another such as one animal type to another animal or from animal to human. Would it be that big of a leap in a technologically integrated age to finally have that transmission occur from machine to human especially if the story is set in the future and technology has become more advanced and integrated with people?

These three elements came together and NODAL was born. I believe this is a modern zombie story based off of our current reality of a world gripped by a pandemic. A new visualization of zombies and plagues that sits somewhere between TETSUO: THE IRON MAN and VIDEODROME.” 

Frequency of Publication: Annual
Intended Audience: Mature Themes
Genre : Zombie, Horror,
Format: 7×10, B&W, SC, 32 pgs
Retail Price: $3.99
Ship Date/Month: Sept. 2021

 ISBN: 978-1-61724-009-6

Zombie Terrors : Halloween Special #1 (one-shot) is featured in the May 2021 Previews catalog from Diamond Comics Distributors and will ship Sept. 2021.

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