Pullbox Previews- Artist Joe Rubinstein delivers a classic cover beatdown for Identity Stunt 2, #3

Joe Rubinstein brings his Beatdown to IDENTITY STUNT 2, and more IDS News!

(From Team IDS) Comic book legend Joe Rubinstein – whose credits include Wolverine, Infinity Gauntlet, Firestorm, X-Factor, and more – lends his amazing artistic talents to the cover of Identity Stunt 2 #3!

Colored by the one-and-only Patrik Mock, the cover to Identity Stunt 2 #3 homages the classic Marvel 25th Anniversary Portrait Covers from 1986, many of which were inked by Rubinstein himself!

Identity Stunt 2 #3 is written by Joe R. Khachadourian, drawn by Rei Lay, colored by Mock, lettered by Michael Hofert, Jr., edited by Paul Baumeister, and published by Markosia. The issue will be released in August 2021. Stay tuned for more details!

(Frame designed by Khachadourian, featuring artwork by J. Briscoe Allison, Juancho Velez, Jeff Witty, Kyler Clodfelter, Tim Brown, and R. Coleman.)

#ABeatdownIsComing #AChristmasBeatdown

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