Pullbox Previews XII: of Magic & Muses- A coming of age story like no other

Canadian Creator reveals the Last Instalment to LGBTQIA series The XII

Canadian comic book writer and artist K. Kiomall-Evans has completed the mammoth task of releasing the third and final volume of her ‘Magical Girl’ trilogy. The XII, clocking in at over 1000+ pages, has been an ongoing project since 2016 as a webcomic. Thanks to the wonders of Kickstarter and Kiomall-Evans’ loyal fanbase, The XII’s magical adventure series has now been released as three delightfully packaged Graphic Novel Volumes – Volume 1: Monsters, Volume 2: Mischief and Volume 3: Malice.

Starring mousy protagonist Willow, The XII explores the magically charming world of a teenage girl living in a stale, restrictive and somewhat repressive school. Until someone gifts Willow with a magical necklace, which proves to be both an amazing and inconvenient power to wield, when stuck in a restrictive school. What soon follows is an epic Teen Adventure riled with magic, mishap, mayhem and mischief. A gradual thrillride perfect for the Magic obsessed comic book fan!

K. Kiomall-Evans has the following to say about closing the chapter to The XII: “I am absolutely ecstatic to get this eight year comic project out and into the world. It’s such a better story as a whole, and having a huge cast of characters grow into new people has been amazing to share. I’m always looking forward to seeing how the audience pieces it all together after the third book. Especially since all bets are off and I can really go wild with the story and get to my favourite parts to write. Dear reader, you’re in for such a treat!”

During this momentous task, Kiomall-Evans was joined by cover artist Rachel Ho, and guest illustrators Alda Canito, Dee Scarborough, Laura Lee, Mellissa Capriglione, Kristen Lee, Ai Yoku, Jessica Fraser, Nabigal-Nayagam Haider Ali, Kim Sokol and logo designer Shannon Bergin. All of whom played irreplaceable parts in bringing this Teen Magic adventure comic to life.

The XII: Of Magic and Muses is a perfect addition to any Teen Comic Book fans collection. It’s a charming reveal of beautifully rendered characterisation which explores both the world of magic in its fun and youthful vigor. But that also tackles the harder issues so many Teen focused books avoid like bullying, harassment and intimidation. The XII is perfect for audiences who identify as Women, LGBTQIA, and fans of Gotham Academy and Puella Magi Madoka Magika.

The XII is now available worldwide through your local bookstore or wherever you get your Graphic Novels from. Including but not limited to: Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Waterstones, and Bookshop.org.

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