Pullbox Indie Spotlight on Ninja World #2- An original manga created for the Western market… with ninja!

Ninja World is a comic book series that tells the story of what happened to Ninja after the end of the Samurai era. When a Japanese conglomerate decides that Ninja are too useful to dispose of, they find themselves secretly deployed to various parts of the world.

While under the guise of being businessmen or immigrants they hide in plain sight while undertaking secret missions at the behest of the massive company. As the name implies, Ninja World USA will follow the descendants of some of these Ninja on their modern day exploits in the United States.

Throughout Ninja World is the theme of extinction. Ninja are aware that they are living on borrowed time. They are spread out across the planet with no lord to serve, and their ranks are gradually growing thinner and thinner. In this story Ninja must decide what they should do as their world dies.

A while back we featured the first issue of a pretty slick looking manga series by the creative team of Nobita (writer), Toji (artist), Hayasato (colorist), Kazuhiko Kakoi (design), & Frank Dowd (translation). They hit me up again, and I’m pretty happy to report that issue 2 is up for grabs, digitally through both Amazon & ComiXology. Much more than a translation of an existing manga, Ninja World is new series created specifically with the intent to be marketed in here in the United States.

You can find my review for issue 1 right here

And you can check out the Ninja World website over here

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