Pullbox Previews – Warlash: Cold Metal Mayhem #1

Warlash: Cold Metal Mayhem #1 is written by Frank Forte (Lovecraft Country, Heavy Metal, Zombie Terrors) and Dwayne Harris (Heavy Metal, ) Illustrators include Steve Mannion (Fearless Dawn), Dwayne Harris and Frank Forte with a cover by Andy Hall.

Warlash, an armored warrior of the apocalyptic future, is back. This issue reintroduces Warlash with three tales of hardboiled science fiction crime noir. “The Generator” Warlash goes on the hunt for a missing girl, only to find she has been kidnapped by a super villain who has activated her mutant powers. And in “Grubbs” Warlash goes into the seedy underground sewer system to chase a mutated monster who is devouring people at will, Illustrated by “Stealthy” Steve Mannion.


Frequency of Publication: (one-Shot)

Intended Audience: General Readers

Genre: Superhero 

Format: 6.5×10, 32 pages, FC, SC

Retail Price: $3.99

Ship Date/Month: June 2021 

ISBN: 978-1-61724-057-7

Diamond Code: APR211502

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