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Square up for three rounds of ‘20 Fists’ at Source Point Press

Go enough rounds in the 20 Fists Fight League and you might just fall in love… Or get your heart broken. ‘20 Fists’ is kicking off with a three issue mini-series from Source Point Press, available for pre-order now through Diamond Comic Distributors and Oxeyemedia.com.

‘20 Fists’ about fist fights and bad romance. The No Names are new to the 20 Fists Fight League. As they begin to make a name for themselves the worst possible thing happens: their leader Chel falls for Billie, the leader of their rival crew The Big Jackets. Now, with their crews about to meet up for another battle, Chel and Billie need to decide… to make love or war?

“I’m a firm believer that the family you make yourself has the strongest bond because you choose who gets to be in it. And that choice to be with someone can have a powerful effect on yourself and the person you’re choosing to be with whether that’s fraternal or romantic. So this chord is struck repeatedly throughout ‘20 Fists’: who are you with and why are you with them?” says Writer Frankee White.

Written by White with art, color, and letters by Kat Baumann, Gab Contreras, and DC Hopkins respectively, ‘20 Fists’ is a notably harmonic collaboration throughout.

“In a story that has no interior monologue so much was reliant on body language and facial expressions. Kat really did a lot of the heavy lifting. There’s a reason I put her name first in the credits,” says White. “Gab’s colors breathed new life into our story. We both have a mutual love for purple so you’ll see a lot of it throughout the story. DC Hopkins’…lettering is a perfect match for Kat’s art and, just like any good fighter, he knew when to pull his punches and when to go for the KO.”

Source Point Press is a division of Ox Eye Media, publishing books, comics, and graphic

novels. ‘20 Fists’ is available to pre-order now and will be released Wednesday, April 28.

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