The Pullbox Gift Guide: Lily’s Take

2020 has been a pretty strange year all around, but I must say that (maybe more than 2019) there are a lot of unique gifts to check out this holiday season. Here are some of my personal favorite geeky gifts that I’ve seen lately… 

A gift for a geek: movie edition

Onward (Rated PG) Well, this year has sure been a strange year for the movie industry, but a decent amount of gems came out of it, including Pixar’s Onward. With the all star cast including Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, watch two elf brothers go on a magical adventure to try and spend another day with their late father. This is a great family film and has such a strange story that I think it appeals to a wider audience than some of the other Disney films as of lately. You can watch it on Disney+ now or buy it on Amazon

Support the Cinemas (Gift Card)

I am usually against gift cards, but this year is a bit different. This year is really the best year to support movie theaters big and small. COIVD-19 has done a number on the industry as a whole, and with more and more movies going straight to digital, theaters need your help now more than ever. Most theaters have started playing classic movie franchises to drive in traffic and fill the space of the movies that never released, So if you can, go catch some classic throwbacks at your local cinema. 

A Gift for a Geek: Music Edition 

Artists all over the world have been using quarantine to their advantage, and over the past 6 months there has been a huge uptick in the amount of releases and virtual concerts from all genres. For those missing the concert scene, these (much cheaper) alternatives are a fun way to bring back some normalcy and take a break from the stressors to jam out to some great music. So far I think I’ve gone to three of these concerts (with the best produced so far being Billie Eilish’s live event), and the next hopefully being AJR’s One Spectacular Night. It is going to be a live interactive concert unlike any other and tickets go on sale tomorrow (go here for more info). If AJR isn’t your scene, then there is a good chance that whoever you do like is hosting live opportunities for their fans. So support your favorite artists this holiday season and give the gift of an unforgettable experience. 

A Gift for a Geek: Comic Edition 

Brokenland #1-2 

Looking for a comic that breaks the mold this holiday season? Well look no further than the unusual and whimsical tale that is Brokenland. Tag along on this wordless adventure with the loveable creature, Meeso, as they travel through a garbage filled world. This was legitimately one of the best comics I have read all year, so if this interests you, be sure to read our review to find out more. You can support the independent artist and creator, Drew Morrison, and buy yourself a copy here. If you enjoy the book, he also has a variety of prints on his site.

A Gift for a Geek: Tech Edition 

(Pre-Order) The Butter Robot 

I am not much of a gamer and am not involved in the tech world, but I am obsessed with adult cartoons. If you are a diehard Rick and Morty fan, you know the Butter Robot, the nearly-sentient robot created for the sole purpose of passing butter. Announced at the Adult Swim Festival a few weeks ago, you pre-order this self-aware robot to move your butter.

A Gift for a Geek: Toy Edition 

LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet 

(It looks like Greg and I had a similar idea on this one.) No matter the age, who doesn’t love LEGOs? As a toy collector myself, I know that this one would make a great addition for any Star Wars collections or displays out there. From experience, these sets make for a pretty fun build. So if you are looking for a different kind of toy this year, check out the LEGO Stormtrooper and the other models in this series.

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Updated: November 23, 2020 — 3:36 pm

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