Pullbox Previews: Belle – Heart and Minds

Belle: Hearts & Minds

Writer: Dave Franchini Artwork: Alessio Mariani
Zenescope – release date: 9/16/20

Synopsis: Philadelphia is rich in history and home to many interesting people. One, none other than Anabelle “Belle” DiMarco, descends from a long line of beast hunters tasked with protecting our world from the creatures who stalk in the shadows.

As Belle takes in a seemingly peaceful night, she stumbles upon a problem of the witchcraft variety, which only seems to worsen as the night goes on. Meanwhile, across town, Gretel, a woman cursed for nearly three-hundred years with magical powers and the need to eradicate the blight of witches from our world, has her own magical issues to deal with.

Don’t miss this adrenaline-pumping crossover issue where beast hunter and witch hunter come together for the first time, and they might just find out they share a common enemy!

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