Pullbox Indie Comic Spotlight: C.R.I.T., Echoes of the Triumphant, & Project: Saviour

At the Pullbox, we see a lot of comics every month.


Of comics.

The fact of the matter is that no matter how deserving every comic is, there’s no way that we’d be able to cover all of them. And without a doubt in my mind, anyone with the drive to take a thing that they’ve come up with and make it happen deserves all of the respect in the world. With that in mind, I wanted to take some time to put some of those things out there. They’re in the world, folks, for all to see… we just need to get out there and find them.

So here you are… three pure examples of independently published comics. Take a gander, see if there’s something here you might be inclined to read. And then, of course, get out there and read them.

C.R.I.T. is a team of heroes that gained powers after a work-related accident. Their employer, Technetic, invests in the team to help position the company as a savior of the city New Orleans. Crime is running rampant, and these heroes are here to stop it. As their story progresses, they learn more about the origin of their powers, the history of them, and the forces at work around them. They will need to decide what side they want to take, if any, and how they want to prevent the cause of their powers from falling into the wrong hands. 

The story of CRIT is created from the team playing a Homebrewed tabletop game created by, and gamemastered by Christopher Michael. The team has been working on this story for over a year and a half, and has a lot of content ready for people to see. Each action in this story is dictated by the rolls of the player, and how they act out their encounters. No plot armor here folks! A bad roll can end the character fast, so tune in to see the crazy antics of the players of CRIT, and look for their game out soon: Homebrewed Heroes!

  • Echoes of the Triumphant
  • Coming to Kickstarter in August
  • Created & Written by Pat Murphy
  • Illustrated by Jarrod Bezzina
  • Panel Layouts by Dominic Bercier
  • Edited by Alexi Kott

The year is 2031. Adrian Avery is about to finish an exhibition fight to sign onto the Ultimate Warrior’s League. He’s on his way to winning the fight… until the Incident happens. An explosion at the Pexxan chemical plant in Echo City interrupts his brawl. The Incident causes many deaths, more injuries and plenty of tweaks. Tweaks is a slang term used to describe misfits who were genetically altered from the Incident.

Instead of tweaks putting on tights and fighting for justice, they are forced into doing physical labor for corrupt capitalists. This is thanks to a bill passed by even more corrupt politicians called the ‘Echo City Incident Survivor’s Registration Act’. Any tweak who refuses to work becomes greeted with less than polite services from a private military contract named XPEL (who are of course hired by the Echo City government). Adrian’s world crumbles as the Ultimate Warrior’s League became more interested in having tweaks, as oppose to regular people, fight each other.

Will Adrian forgive tweaks for pushing him out of the fighting industry or will he forever remain resentful?

  • Project: Saviour
  • Issues 1-5 available now
  • Created, Written, Illustrated, & Lettered by
    • Craig Johnson

How far would you go to save the world? Follow the adventures of a mysterious new hero trying to inspire hope in a world without any.

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