Pullbox Previews: Agents of Eden – Angels & Demons battling over humanity

I ran across this upcoming indie comic coming out in August, and kinda got into the spin on religious iconography… and some phenomenal character designs! It looked good enough for me to shoot them a message & get permission to preview some of the work so far. The following (& the cover art above) is taken from their Instagram page, so head over and give a look.

Comic book series asking the question: How do the deities above and demons below barter for the souls of humanity? And do we deserve to be saved?

Got some backstory on this guy…

Last in a long line of people who carry the Templar Cross. Stories are told of the Knight- no one knows if it is the same supernatural being who has been operating over the centuries, or if different people have carried the mantle.

(Just sayin… that sounds kinda awesome)

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