The Mindful Ninjas- A positive message for all ages… and NINJAS!

Available in digital & paperback…

Do you have what it takes to be a Mindful Ninja?

Are you honest, kind, supportive, positive, helpful and loving?

Sylvie is about to graduate from the prestigious INSPIRE Academy, that’s if she can make it to the ceremony on time!

She has completed all of her training and is about to be declared a Mindful Ninja.  Sylvie will now spend her time inspiring children to be kind and thoughtful, as well as boosting their self esteem and confidence.  Together with her fellow graduates, she will promote among children a growth mindset, honesty, empathy, mindfulness, and kindness.

The Mindful Ninjas is a children’s comic book that aims to teach children that by sowing seeds of kindness and love they help others, and by helping others they in turn help themselves!

We should all strive to be Mindful Ninjas.

Read now!

(And now, a word from author Sonica Ellis & the Mindful Ninjas…)

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