The Pullbox Binge List: What to Watch, According to Lily

Howdy, Folks!  Now that we’re into our 800th day or so of social distancing (or at least, it feels like it) and many of you are probably already through your third, fourth and tenth tv binge options on the various and sundry streaming services, we at the Pullbox thought we’d offer up our own fave bingeworthy shows, in the hope we can provide you with some new lockdown-killing material…

Here with today’s recommendations is one of our interns, Lily:

What better time to binge stream, get caught up on, and start some new shows? I have had some time to stream the shows that everyone is talking about (ahem… Tiger King), but I have also stumbled upon a goldmine of shows and podcasts that you might have glanced over…

1)         The Ron Burgundy Podcast (2020/ iHeartRadio or wherever you get your podcasts) Looking for a comedic relief? Check out Will Farrel’s classic character, Ron Burgundy, as he takes on his latest endeavor, a podcast. The podcast is back for a 3rd season and is taking on the hard-hitting issues and questions with his co-host Carolina in the most Ron Burgundy derailment possible. I have been listening since the beginning, but now I finally have been able to catch up on the latest episodes.

2)         Pixar Sparkshorts (2020/ Disney+ Exclusive) If you are a fan of Pixar, you probably love the heartfelt little shorts before the movie. Now you get a surplus of these in the exclusive Disney+ series SparkShorts. The series is filled with experimental animations from the minds at Pixar, each telling a beautifully-made, heartfelt story. I am obsessed with Disney and Pixar, and I love seeing all the different styles and stories come together. Check out the variety of different titles in the series streaming now. 

3)         Raising Dion (2019/ Netflix Exclusive) Dion is just a normal kid being raised by Nichole, his single mother, until he discovers that he has superpowers. Nichole must try to keep Dion’s curious new abilities under control while she investigates the mysterious death of her husband. I picked this one up a little while back and it was a very entertaining series for the family to sit down to. 

4)         Daybreak (2019/ Netflix Exclusive) If you ever wondered what happens to a band of misfit kids from L.A. who spend their days in a post- apocalyptic world without adults filled with ghouls, this is the show for you. Josh Wheeler is on a quest to find the love of his life, who he hasn’t seen since the explosion that ended the world went off—and so he assembles a team of his high school classmates and survivors to help him along the way. This was a fun, gory, coming-of-age, outrageous, Farris Bueller-style thriller that I discovered while scrolling through Netflix a few weeks ago and can’t stop watching. 

5)         iZombie (2019/ The CW/ Now Streaming on Netflix) Liv Moore is just your average brain craving zombie working at the coroner’s office hiding her flesh eating tendencies from the rest of the world. However, she quickly discovers the brains that she is consuming are giving her the ability to take on those memories and starts to help assist in solving crimes with the Seattle police. This show got lost in the sea of endless shows and distractions a little while back, but now that all five seasons are streaming on Netflix I can finally finish the series. This is a great show to binge if you are in the mood for an outlandish mystery-horror dramedy. 

And there you have it!  We’ll continue posting one staff member’s opinions each day until we run out of folks, and will do our best to compare notes and not have the same five shows over and over again. 

So until tomorrow, keep your feet and the ground, and keep reaching for the sky!  (And let’s keep that six feet of distance from each other while we’re at it, shall we?)

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