Two Vampirella Graphic Novels Heat Up the Summer in June! Two Series Collected for the First Time

Dropping the same month for the Vampirella faithful fans and newcomers of all stripes, VENGEANCE OF VAMPIRELLA and VAMPIRELLA/RED SONJA see their first paperback collections. As summer hits in the northern hemisphere, these are perfect beach reads. But for those entering winter, they’re just as perfect to cozy up next to the fire with.

Sporting an appropriately blood-soaked (not literally) cover by master painter Lucio Parrillo, VENGEANCE OF VAMPIRELLA VOL 1: REBIRTH is not to be missed. Though perfectly able to be jumped right into, the series picks up right where Vampirella: Death & Destruction #3 left off in 1996 – kind of… Writer Tom Sniegoski (Punisher, The Goon) continues his fan-favorite run on the vampiress started 25 years prior, including the last ending with her death, and incorporating the lapsed time into the story. Across these first six issues, Vampirella is resurrected as a savior among the apocalypse brought on by Mistress Nyx and her Chaos Lords. Awoken from a decades-long slumber, she’s angrier and more vicious than ever before!

Following in the footsteps of influential artists from the original run including Amanda Conner, Ed McGuinness, and Buzz, rising talent Michael Sta. Maria (Fathom) breaks out with art that Vampirella fans have lauded right from the gorgeous second-page splash. Colors from fellow Filipino Omi Remalante Jr. bring together a book that is both a spiritual successor to the beloved heights of the 1990s bad girls and as cutting edge as any comic book today.

“Working on Vengeance of Vampirella has been challenging since I consider this my first big professional work,” said artist Sta. Maria. “Each issue is a blast thanks to Tom’s scripts and imagination, and I hope fans can feel the effort and excitement we put into the book!”

On the other hand is VAMPIRELLA/RED SONJA VOL 1: THESE DARK SYNCHRONICITIES by the multiple Eisner Award-winning writer and colorist Jordie Bellaire (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Redlands) and artist Drew Moss (Star Wars). This historic ongoing series co-starring the Daughter of Drakulon and the She-Devil With a Sword continues the legacy of team-up titles, even ones starring mysterious bat-themed characters and a noble heavy hitter!

Under the fierce cover by duo Terry and Rachel Dodson, the pair of protagonists find themselves on adventures spanning space and time, filled with horror, adventure, mystery and murder. All while their relationship builds and fans discover fun new aspects of their favorites. Did you know Red Sonja is obsessed with hamburgers? Or that Vampirella was there at the genesis of the punk rock scene? All that and more across these six issues.

Artist Drew Moss shared, “Working on this book has been a joy. If you have any notions of what it’s about, you are probably wrong. It’s so much more. The stories are full of suspense, emotion and comedy that touches the depth of these characters and I feel adds to their storied narratives.”

Readers new to these characters will find a great place to start and fall in love, while those already familiar will find a fresh take that adds layers to these iconic heroines.

Both collections are complemented with extensive cover galleries featuring Frank Cho, Derrick Chew, In-Hyuk Lee, Tula Lotay, Ben Oliver, Babs Tarr, Stephen Segovia, David Mack, Julian Totino Tedesco, Leonardo Romero, Daniel Warren Johnson, Buzz, Roberto Castro and more!

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